What's Heymeta?

Aug 23, 2022 2:17:38 PM | heymate What's Heymeta?

heymeta! lets users shop, explore, and make connections in a revolutionary way. We create ultra realistic virtual environments that allow users to do business, build communities, and perform everyday functions in a more convenient way.

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The Metaverse Is trending more than ever. Metaverse can be deemed as a notion of futurism. Yet, in simple terms, the metaverse can be seen as a network of 3D virtual worlds.  While many contend that the metaverse is a theoretical digital world, many small businesses are grasping this opportunity to expand their lines of sales into digital assets. Likewise, many large corporations are investing big in this state-of-the-art technology.

While Facebook might have branded Metaverse as a smart marketing campaign, heymeta!’s team strives to develop innovative technology that allows people to re-discover and re-engage with the world through metaverse spaces. 

Boardly speaking, heymeta! is an entirely new sensory experience. Founded in 2021, heymeta! plan to become an industry leader in virtual recreation, for users to amplify their current lifestyle. In May 2022, heymeta!’s alpha release featured a prototype for users to virtually explore the heart of Vancouver. We are planning to include Virtual Real Estate and Multiplayer Mode to allow users to interact with each other in our virtual spaces. 

heymeta! aims to enhance people’s everyday life through immersive, simulated spaces that cultivate community, celebrate culture, and promote diversity. heymeta! strives to develop innovative technology for an entirely new sensory experience in the metaverse.

Presently, our team envisaged three main features of heymeta! They are namely (a) Virtual shopping; (b) Virtual Exploration; (c) Metaverse Literacy.

A. Virtual Shopping

By enabling business owners to set up a virtual reality storefront from scratch or connect it to their physical storefront, this allows business owners to immerse their clients in an authentic physical space. This generates a stronger affinity with products and services by using 360° experience to foster stronger relationships with customers.  Remote commerce is no longer confined to looking at pictures of products and reading product information. Transforming into an interactive format, the platform offers retailers the opportunity and tools to build and market their own store. 

 B. Virtual Exploration

By constructing virtual spaces that simulate real life so that users can explore different parts of the world from the comfort of their own homes. The realistic renditions of landscapes would take into account the local climate and time zone. This would permit the user to feel authentic at that physical location in real-time. Unlike videos that only allow the viewers to watch the scene dully, virtual exploration entails that the user can freely explore the virtual world on their own terms.

C. Metaverse Literacy 

The platform allows users to cross between metaverse platforms using a single virtual identity. Whether your avatar is an uncanny doppelganger you spent hours perfecting, or you want to show off your new heymeta! kicks in a different platform, heymeta! power your trans-universe avatar.

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Written By: Tobias Pang