How to Maximize Your Business During The Holidays

Nov 9, 2022 2:35:09 PM | smallbusiness How to Maximize Your Business During The Holidays

It is almost the end of the year. As we are about to wave goodbye to 2022, the upcoming long holiday can be overwhelming for some business owners. We have some useful tips to help SME to maximize during the upcoming festive season.



It is almost the end of the year. As we are about to wave goodbye to 2022, the upcoming long holiday can be overwhelming for some business owners. We have some useful tips to help SME to capitalize on the upcoming festive season.

Reward your staff!

First and foremost, it is a good time to reward your staff. While it is not a
marketing initiative to boost sales, it can definitely boost the morale of your
company. Everyone would have been busy contemplating what to purchase for
presents during the holiday season. It is, however, equally important to make
your employee feel valued. The pandemic has estranged many families for the
past two years we might have to observe strict social distancing for the past
couple of Christmas. The upcoming holiday season is the first sort of normal
Christmas under the era of new normalcy. These past events no doubt has
inflicted many burdens on one’s mental health. It is therefore important to get
your staff’s input on how they would like to celebrate for an end-of-year

Enhance your digital engagement

Marketing is important both in-store and outside the store. One of the easiest
steps a SME can do is to enhance their digital and social media engagement. It is
effortless and almost free! It is a simple way to stand out from the crowd by

promoting your new marketing or holiday imitative online through social media. If
you have an array of promotion campaigns in mind, you can also consider posting
them step by step, so that customers do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed by
information. Rather than indoctrination them about your latest marketing
campaigns, offering your customers some useful tips or something helpful would
boost your social media presence.

Reward returning customers!

It is also a prime time to reward your loyal customers. You can adopt various
digital initiatives to ensure loyal customers that stay true to your brand. You
should leverage the upcoming holiday season as a campaign for returning
customers. For instance, you can expand a gift card system or loyalty system. The
holiday season entails many customers would be spending big money. It is a great
opportunity for you to encourage return customers to come back. With loyalty
programs, coupons, gift cards and exclusive links to discounts, you can discuss in
depth among your staff how to grasp this powerful opportunity to turn them into
holiday sales.

Give back to your community

As a socially responsible enterprise, small business plays a part in every part of
your community. Customers are more willing to spend on your local business if
you are willing to have the commitment to contribute to your community. You
can consider getting involved in your community and volunteering for a good

cause. By initiating a campaign to contribute to your neighbourhood, you can
foster your neighbours and customers. More people would be able to know your
brand and people in the community are more willing to spend at yours. Not only
would it be a good marketing opportunity, but this is also great for a good cause.

Consider also volunteering and setting up various donation mechanisms in your
sale. Volunteering is great to offer help to those in need. Volunteering
strengthens your community, and you will learn a lot. You will know the
demographics of your community and volunteering provides physical and mental
rewards to you and your staff. Your staff would reduce mental stress, and it would
be a good time to unplug out a bit. This also reduces your stress level and anxiety.

Rounding up your sale and offering a digital donation mechanism would also be a
good way to foster your community. Look for a cause that both you and your
employee agree to work for. Charities can carry out their crucial work and make
good of their community. Helping those in need can make you feel more content
and fulfilled. Social conscience is important, not only to society but also to your

Good luck on your new digital and marketing initiatives in the upcoming festive
season! May the holiday season bring you peace, serenity, happiness, and joy.
More importantly, wishing you a season full of light and laughter for you and your
loved ones.

Written By: Tobias Pang