What is heymate?

Jul 29, 2022 9:57:00 AM | heymate What is heymate?

What is heymate? heymate! support small businesses with their operational tasks through a cloud-based platform.

heymate! One business. One system.

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When our CEO Charles took client meetings, he was seeing a few common problems among business owners. 

  • Spending money to save time
  • Losing time to save money
  • Struggling to keep tech-competitive

But, most importantly, he was seeing entrepreneurs using anywhere from a few to 50 SaaS solutions, just to get the day-to-day done. So, they would come to him. He’d create custom systems that could handle, say, online bookings and a client app. Or staff scheduling and inventory. Sure, it was lucrative for his software company, but in the 21st century, why wasn’t there a scalable solution? In recent years, some companies have tried. But where they thrive in design, they fail business owners in unnecessarily expensive cost or a lack of features. We believed that there could be a streamlined solution - one platform to handle all your business needs. It would be scalable, actually affordable, and inspired by Apple - i.e. cool design and an intuitive interface. 


heymate! was born. The only app you need to run every aspect of your small business. 


Handle the mundane, so you can focus on your purpose

These are just some of our features:

  • POS
  • Staff Management
  • Bookings & Reservations
  • Customer App and Management
  • VR & AR Shopping
  • Inventory and Supply
  • Payroll and tax remittance
  • Payment & retention analytics

Centralized into one contemporary platform. With countless hours saved, you can turn your hand to the creative. The ‘why’ that brought you here in the first place. Expanding on passion projects or curiosities that you’ve put on hold to process payroll.


Remain accessible to those who aren’t tech-savvy or who are equipment-limited
That’s why we’re set up free or set up in just minutes. Our earliest customers have been from older generations, looking to level up. All you need are a tablet, an internet connection, and a big idea. 


Organically grow your audience

The consumer app we’ve built is just as revolutionary, letting buyers shop from all of their favourite stores using one platform. But we’re not making recommendations that circle back to the same big retail players. We’re helping you get discovered by matching you with clients who are likely to need, want, and love your work. 

Plus, you can take action into your own hands. Curate rewards for loyalty to distribute through the app, or analyze customer insights to determine your own outreach.


Keep your tech competitive without the expense or learning curve

The problem SMEs have is that big tech evolves so quickly, that getting the latest whizbang means you’ll be outrun quickly. We want to handle that for you. Soon, we’ll be able to accept crypto payments, making it easy for customers to check out how they like, and easy for you to just get paid. 

Plus, we’re developing a partner venture called heymeta!, which is going to give you access to build a virtual retail store. Customers will be able to browse in the earliest iterations of the metaverse, and wear and use your products both virtually, and IRL. 


Help you make the best decisions for your business

An objective overview of operations is nearly impossible to achieve independently. We correlate on-the-ground qualitative insights from customers and staff with quantitative insights like financial reports, to give you a clearer picture of the health of your business than ever. Which means more intentional, successful decision-making. 

All of this is to say that we don’t believe in limits. For us, or for you.



We identified a clear purpose; to design and launch one digital platform for all business operations. Virtually free, with set-up in minutes. The ultimate contemporary tech experience, with intuitive design and clean aesthetic. Our priority is and always will be, elevating the business experience for entrepreneurs. A symbiotic relationship, built on generosity. That’s why we’re launching on Friendship Day - to commit ourselves to an ethical dynamic. One that puts your work at the forefront. Because we know that when you’re happy, we’re happy. 

Centralized your process and electrify your purpose. 

One app for your small business, that’s all you need.

Written By: Bianca Kenna